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The new Express Dual 4300

The new Express Dual 4300 600 600 Natalia Pinto

The new Express Dual 4300

We have unveiled the latest addition to our collection of high-performance reel grinding machines, with the Express Dual 4300.

The new Express Dual 4300 grinding machine offers advanced automation to deliver rapid, safe, and accurate reel grinding. The fully automated system comes with new advanced controls that are accessed through the touchscreen operator interface – making it easier than ever for mechanics and turf professionals to grind reel blades back into the supremely sharp state required to deliver the perfect grass cut and healthy turf conditions.

Steven Nixon, our Managing Director said: “The Express Dual 4300 has been designed to enhance the product offering within our Express Dual range of reel grinders. With all-new automation and improved controls, it is an incredibly advanced and versatile product that will benefit turf equipment professionals. With increased speed and ease of use, getting mowers back into day-to-day action has never been quicker or simpler,” he added.

Sharp mower blades allow for a perfect shearing of the grass blade, and a cleaner cut produces far fewer tears to the grass plant. This drastically lowers the risk of disease, and in turn reduces the amount of corrective maintenance required. With healthier grass plants comes improved playability and a vastly improved aesthetic for customers to enjoy.

Key features of the new Express Dual 4300 reel grinder include:

  • NEW backlit LCD touchscreen operator interface with automated grind programmes
  • NEW reel drive auto-locking drive rod and drive adaptors
  • Fully automated feed system with configurable grind cycles
  • Updated high-definition graphic controls
  • Bernhard patented lift table for operator safety
  • Tabletop design for rapid loading of mowers
  • 15-minute turnaround, floor-to-floor

The NEW Express Dual 4300 reel grinder is now available to purchase either direct from us for UK simply email sales@bernhard.co.uk or internationally across our local distributor network. To find your nearest distributor, please head to our nearest distributor locator page here.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2023