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Reel Grinder

Express Dual


Reel Grinder

The automated Express Dual 4300 provides speed and ease of use. With advanced automation, it delivers rapid, safe and accurate grinding.


Hi-res touchscreen interface with improved graphic controls to guide you through your grinding programmes.

Automatic grinding programs for consistency of set-up and finish.

NEW backlit LCD touch screen

Variable speed drive

Easy to recall programmes

Set up and ease of use

Premium positioning scales for super-fast, accurate set up – every time

Positioning scales ensure reels line up correctly with grinding stones to produce an ultra-accurate grind and the very best results.

NEW reel drive auto-locking drive rod and drive adaptors

Dual, independent, sprung loaded vertical feed columns for better control

Manual or automatic mode

Express lift

Bernhard patent Express Lift table ergonomically designed for operator safety.

Fitted as standard, the express lift, makes loading fully assembled mowers safer and simpler than ever.

The tabletop design enables rapid and easy loading of cutting units

Faster set up times

Fully assembled loading

It’s in the detail

Better visibility means better results

LED lighting ensures you never miss a detail.

The built-in dust extraction, aids the removal of grinding dust, keeping the machine clean at all times.

LED lighting for improved visibility

Scratch-resistant viewing panel

Built-in dust extraction.


  • Automatic grind programmes to increase efficiencies
  • Consistency  of set-up, results, and finish
  • Dual, independent, sprung loaded vertical feed columns for better control and a precise hollow grind


  • Limitless number of programmes can be configure
  • Variable speed drive controlled by touchscreen
  • Reel speed can be pre-set in pre-selected programmes and can be changed for user flexibility.

Ease of use

  •  Option of manual or automatic mode
  • The table-top design enables rapid and easy loading of cutting units

Ergonomics and safety

  • LED lighting for visibility
  • Scratch-resistant viewing panel
  • In-built dust extraction.

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