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Turf Technology

SubAir is the world’s leading subsurface aeration and moisture management solution, designed to moderate and control environmental subsoil conditions.

A SubAir system is comprised of a series of pumps and blowers that connect to underground drainage systems. By working in synergy, SubAir can provide fresh oxygen to plant roots, remove harmful gases from the root zone, and remove excess water from the soil profile.

Over 75% of turf grass problems occur beneath the surface. With SubAir, turf managers have the ability to deliver the optimum balance of nutrients and moisture more efficiently, building healthy roots to provide the very best playing surfaces.

Pressure Mode

Push fresh air into the subsurface of the green, promoting a healthier plant.

This mode aids the removal of trapped and harmful gasses from the subsurface while eliminating anaerobic conditions. Air can be forced up through the soil profile and either warmed or cooled by the subsurface soil depending on the ambient temperature.

Vacuum Mode

Remove excess moisture from the soil profile.

This mode removes moisture up to 36 times faster than a gravity drainage system. Air is pulled through the soil with the water, helping provide fresh air to the root zone. By controlling the subsurface moisture level, you can deliver a more consistent, firm, and fast putting surface.


Ultimate control for better results.

SubAir gives turf professionals the ability to deliver fresh air to plant roots and subsoil. This helps to stimulate healthy plant growth, and consistent, high performance turf. The end product is a premium playing surface with the ability to bounce back quickly after excessive rainfall.


  • Moisture management
  • Salinity control
  • Ability to rapidly reduce moisture levels after excessive rainfall
  • Push fresh air into plant roots
  • Prevent anaerobic conditions and black layer
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Removes harmful gases from root zone

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