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Turf Technology

Soil Scout


Turf Technology

Soil Scout provides the most advanced fully buried underground wireless soil sensor and monitoring solution for professionals in Golf and Sports turf maintenance.

Why choose Soil Scout?

  • The cost-efficient system accurately captures the infield variations in soil moisture, salinity, and temperature
  • It allows you to cover an entire field, and collect data from multiple spots
  • The sensors are easy and quick to install
  • It will monitor the soil conditions with any number of sensors buried in the field
  • Soil Scout sensors are entirely maintenance-free

Soil Scout is the first-ever soil sensor system that allows you to place any number of fully buried wireless sensors all across your facility.

It is the most advanced and cost-efficient soil monitoring solution for professionals in agriculture, golf and sports turf maintenance.

Hydra Scout Sensor

At the heart of the Soil Scout solution is the Hydra 100 Scout sensor.

It operates underground without maintenance. It measures data for three critical soil parameters: moisture, salinity and temperature.

1. Battery – Encapsulated lithium battery with a life-span of up to 20 years.

2. Antenna – Patented underground antenna that transfers data efficiently in any soil conditions

3. Temperature – The digital temperature sensor gives you the accurate levels to ensure the right transfer of nutrients

4. Moisture – The sensor measures the volumetric soil water content to monitor turf hydration levels.

5. Salinity – Allows salinity in the soil to be measured to prevent a decline in turf quality and appearance

Data monitoring benefits

When you monitor the soil quality below the field surface, you can:

  • Improve the surface quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Use water more efficiently
  • Optimise product applications consistently helping to identify trends.
  • Diminish the need for expensive water additives and surfactants

Key Features

Easy to install and expand

sensors are simple to install and expand, you can have as many buried sensors as you can in the green/pitch

Fully buried sensors

sensors are easy buried and distributed across the green/pitch without disturbing any work carried out.

Three sensors in one

moisture, salinity and temperature are monitored to determine soil behaviour and make better management decisions for the turf health

Real-time soil data

you can monitor moisture, salinity and temperature levels in real-time through the dashboard.

Collect data at any depth

you will get accurate soil data no matter how deep you install them.

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