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Reel Grinder

Express Dual


Reel Grinder

With electrical and mechanical control systems, the Express Dual 3000MC delivers high performance at a competitive price.

The electrical clamping system makes reel grinding simpler than ever, enabling greens mowers to be ground in as little as few minutes.

Individual function controls

With an individual function control panel, the Express Dual 3000MC is an easy to use grinding machine. The push activated buttons make this machine effortlessly simple to use, and enables accurate reel grinding every time.

An additional feature of the Express Dual 3000MC is the digital feed counter, supporting balanced reel grinding every time.

Simple set up process


Easy Mounting & Positioning

Front roller v-mounting brackets and improved positioning scales allow for ultra-accurate set up

The electric clamping system ensures a secure position, while the flexible reel drive and automatic traverse system deliver a precise reel blade grind every time.

Secure mower positioning

Quick and easy to use


  • Digital feed counter supports accurate blade grinding


  • Flexible reel drive for fast personalised positioning
  • Electric clamping system for quick and easy mounting

Ease of use

  • Express Lift table as standard for simpler loading
  • Automatic traverse system
  • User-friendly single switch control

Ergonomics and safety

  • Robust chassis design
  • Simple and effective safety compliant guard

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