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Turf Evaluation Kit


Turf Technology

The Turf Evaluation Kit includes a Macroscope, and Prism Gauge essential tools for any workshop. Packaged together in a hard-wearing, waterproof case, that allowing safe and convenient storage and transport.

Prism Gauge and Macroscope are available individually.

Kit Box

Storage and transportation made easy, as the Turf Evaluation Kit comes packaged together in a hard-wearing, waterproof protective hard case.

  • Waterproof protective hard case
  • Prism Gauge included
  • Macroscope included


The Macroscope allows turf professionals to better analyse the quality and health of their turf by delivering a 25x magnified view.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Get a detailed look at turf health
  • Identify diseases, nutrient issues and other physiological conditions
  • Observe what is really going on with turf at 25x actual size

Prism Gauge

Put science into your cutting practices by monitoring the height of cut with our Prism Gauge.

  • Accurately determine height of cut
  • Guarantee consistency in cutting units
  • Robust, high quality design
  • User-friendly

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