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Why Buy Bernhard

An investment into our industry-leading grinding equipment is a commitment to superior turf health, world-class conditioning, and long-term financial savings.

  • Unmatched customer service and educational support
  • Drastically improved turf health
  • Increased revenue
  • Long-term financial savings
  • Superior Playing Surfaces

Increase your revenue

Owning a set of Bernhard and Company grinding machines will put you on a fast-track to achieving the best possible turf quality at your venue.

Consistently sharp cutting units allow turf maintenance professionals to deliver perfect playing surfaces all year-round, and an increase in playability and quality of cut also helps to develop a greater reputation. Our grinding machinery is proven to give you the edge when it comes to increasing footfall and growing membership numbers.

Ben Cumberland, Coxmoor golf club

Make long-term financial savings

By owning a set of Bernhard grinding machines you will be able to avoid the costs of off-site grinding, and take back control of your essential maintenance programme.

Sending off mowing equipment for sharpening can be expensive, often costing thousands of pounds each time. Couple that with unforeseen incidents that would cause mowers to need extra sharpening, and maintenance can quickly become unaffordable.

With a set of grinders in the workshop, you can fix, grind, and have your mowers back out cutting in less than an hour. Spending less time in the workshop means that staff members’ time can be utilised in a much more efficient way, with more time being spent carrying out essential golf course maintenance.

Chris Whittle, Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Improve turf health

By using precision sharpened to cut your turf, you will see a sharp uplift in its overall health.

A cleaner cut produces far fewer tears on the grass plant, which also reduces damage to cell walls within the leaf. With less damage, turf is far less susceptible to disease which reduces the amount of corrective maintenance required. A lesser need for chemicals, nutrients, and water will relieve a great deal of pressure from maintenance programmes and budgets, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Peter Todd, Royal Norwich Golf Club


We are committed to providing unmatched service and educational support for each and every customer.

Well-informed local distributors and service professionals deliver rapid servicing solutions around the globe. With key focus points on efficient practices and good maintenance routines, our worldwide educational programme (available either in-person or digitally) helps clients and prospects understand how to get the very best out of their equipment.

Leicester City FC, Premier League football club


Going above and beyond to help clients in need.

Our customers always come first. When unexpected events, drastic changes, or problems arise, our teams do what they can to help customers get back on their feet. The relationships we hold with our customers are the bedrock of our operation. No matter where in the world, our customer support teams will always be on hand to support and assist in any way they can.

Stuart Imenson, Dunstunburgh Castle Golf Course 

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