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Reel Grinder

The Express Dual 5500 is the world’s fastest and most innovative reel grinding system. The industry first laser surveying tool offers the most precise reel conditioning on the market. Enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity the operator has instant access to our customer support team, wherever they are in the world.

Responsive Touchscreen

The full colour 10.4” touchscreen has a bright responsive interface that guides the operator through the grinding process, step by step

The touch enabled liquid crystal display, allows the operator to easily follow the set up process and ensure the mowing unit is ready for grinding. The easy to follow guide allows any member of your turf maintenance team to sharpen reels with confidence.

10.4” widescreen

Touch responsive

Bright in all conditions

Easy to position

Intuitive controls

Laser Reel Surveying

New laser technology delivers the most accurate reel grinding on the market

The unique reel surveying tool, allows for correction and high precision reel conditioning, you can now grind to within 0.001″ accuracy.



Instant Recall setup

Following initial set up, settings and user preferences can be saved on to a contactless card using RFID technology

The system also allows individual mower settings to be saved. This feature gives the user a faster set up process than ever, and also allows exact settings to be replicated time and time again.

Variable speed auto traverse

Smooth directional changes

Powerful motor

Remote Connected Support

We pride ourselves on first-class customer service and care

Now, with the simple touch of a button on your machine, you can reach out to our customer support team from anywhere in the world. The Express Dual 5500 is WIFI connected to enable remote, expert advice, as well as scheduled support and customer training.

WIFI connected for remote assistance

Expert advice at the touch of a button

Scheduled support & training available

Remote Control Handset

Wireless handset increases the Express Dual 5500 ease of use and provides ultimate flexibility

The remote handset enables the user to start, stop, and move the grindstone, when needed, all without reverting back to the machine’s touchscreen, giving more flexibility to the operator.

Traverse left and right

Adjust the height of the stone

Start and stop from the push of a button

Take a closer look

Use your mouse or touchscreen to rotate the product

Additional navigation options can be found below, allowing you to rotate, zoom, auto-play, and expand to full-screen mode. .


  • 10.4″ touchscreen with intuitive and responsive interface
  • Laser technology for ultimate precision


  • RFID technology for recall of previous setups and user profiles
  • No need to remove bedknives or rollers
  • Direct reel drive with superfast set up
  • Automated grind cycles and configurable routines
  • Patented Express Lift table as standard for simpler loading

Ease of use

  • Wireless handset for operator flexibility
  • Reel drive adaptors
  • Robust soft-closing storage drawers

Ergonomics and safety

  • Fully enclosed cabinet with scratch resistant safety guards
  • Acoustic noise suppression with environmental control
  • LED lighting for improved visibility
  • Vacuum for safe dust extraction

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