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Rapid Facer


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The Rapid Facer 1000 is a fast, easy to use maintenance tool, designed to quickly restore the front face of bedknives.

The unique design, has the ability to deliver a precise face on a bedknife in just 90 seconds, enabling mowers to spend more time on the course than in the workshop. The Rapid Facer can be used independently or in harmony with the Express Dual range, offering the perfect spin face programme in between full re-grinds.

The Perfect Edge

This unique tool puts a perfect edge on the front face of a bedknife in just 90 seconds.

A sharp bedknife is crucial in getting the very best cut out of a mower. So, we created the Rapid Facer 1000 to enable operators to sharpen as much as necessary to maintain perfectly sharp cutting units.

Fast and Secure

This fast and easy to use maintenance tool secures magnetically to the mower, enabling simple and precise adjustments.

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