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Reel Grinder

Express Dual


Reel Grinder

The world’s most popular reel grinder. Featuring our renowned, ultra-reliable control systems, the Express Dual 4100 provides the speed, ease of use, and accuracy required to deliver the very best playing surfaces.


Adaptable control system with in-feed balance display

With the simple touch of the start/stop button the user can control all elements of the machine, including the powered clamp that holds the reel in position. The hi-tech control panel allows the user to operate the grindstone and traverse from behind the viewing panel, increasing overall safety.

One-touch control of traverse

Speed dial for reel drive

Secured mower position

Easy to Mount & Position

V-mounting brackets with improved positioning scales for super-fast set up

Positioning scales ensure the reel is lined up parallel to the grinding stone to deliver an accurate grind across the entire reel. V-mounting brackets increase efficiency as the operator can fasten the roller in place using the quick release nuts. Floor-to-floor, the Express Dual 4100 is the fastest on the market, with just a 15-minute turnaround time.

Accurate positioning

Simple set up process

Fast turnaround time

Variable Speed

Variable speed technology ensures consistent results – every time

With the variable speed function on the control panel, the user can speed up, or slow down the reel speed on demand. Better speed control ensures the delivery of accurate and consistent grinding on each reel.


Accurate speed control

User flexibility

Auto-Locking Drive

Reel auto-locking drive rod for super-fast and efficient set up.

A drive can be located on either side of a mower head. With the auto locking drive rod being incorporated into the machine it means you can quickly move it from one side of the machine to the other in a matter of seconds. The Express Dual 4100 also comes with drive rod adaptors so you can set up the next unit extremally quickly no matter which mower manufacturer you use.

Easily switchable adaptor

Simple set up process

Dual-sided adaptor


  • Intuitive in-feed balance display for parallel grind
  • V-mounting brackets with improved positioning scales


  • Table top design enables rapid easy loading
  • Reel drive, auto-locking drive rod and adaptors

Ease of use

  • Membrane touch-control panel
  • Variable cylinder speed for consistency
  • Robust soft-closing storage drawers

Ergonomics and safety

  • Express Lift table as standard for simpler loading
  • Improved LED lighting for visibility
  • Scratch resistant viewing panel
  • Robust handles and drawer operation

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