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Leicester City FC Sports Turf Academy

Leicester City FC Sports Turf Academy

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Leicester City FC launches specialist Sports Turf Academy in collaboration with Bernhard and Company

We are pleased to have announced a new collaborative working relationship with Leicester City FC as the Premier League club opened a pioneering new Sports Turf Academy.

Based at the club’s state-of-the-art new training facility in North Leicestershire, the Sports Turf Academy aims to inspire the next generation of sports turf professionals by offering an elite training environment that provides access to high-tech equipment and expertise.

Alongside Leicester City FC, our team will play a vital role in the delivery of all educational material at the Academy, utilising over 40 years of experience and knowledge in high-quality, professional turf management. We are also the exclusive provider of all sharpening equipment at the facility and will be responsible for the sharpening of all maintenance equipment across the site.

The Academy is divided into four main areas of learning, each designed to enhance different skills. At the heart of the programme are training and education – students will benefit from a specialist provision of sports turf educational packages, right up to degree level internships. In addition, academy students will have the opportunity to provide seasonal tournament support to venues hosting turf-based sporting events throughout the UK.

Through the technical services pillar, vast improvements will be made to grassroots football pitches, while the trials and research course will focus on innovation and emerging technologies that enter the sports turf industry. The unique nature of the Academy makes it a world-class prospect, as cutting-edge sports turf research can be put into ‘live’ in-situ trials – a first for elite sport played on grass.

Scott Purdy, Business Development Manager EMEA for Bernhard and Company, said: “Our relationship with Leicester City stretches back over a number of years, and we are proud to be supporting them in the development of this outstanding facility.

“Education is at the heart of everything we do, so we are pleased to be continuing our pursuit to give back to the turf industry. The Academy will provide an ideal platform for young turf professionals to hone their skills and develop a well-rounded knowledge before heading out into the wider industry,” he added.

In line with the announcement, our marketing team have produced an informative video, featuring interviews and clips, that dives deeper into what the Sports Turf Academy has to offer.


Posted on: Oct 05, 2021