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New technologies for better turf management

New technologies for better turf management

New technologies for better turf management 600 600 Angelique Crosnier

Embracing new technologies for better turf management

Bernhard and Company has upgraded its range of sharpening systems with equipment packed with the latest technologies. Recent industry tradeshows saw the grinder manufacturer launch several exciting new machines, including the top-of-the-range Anglemaster 4500 and the Express Dual 5500.

As a result, the ever-reliable brand is now providing sports turf specialists with the tools to achieve accuracy, precision and – more importantly – consistency at every cut.

But what can be so exciting about a bedknife or a reel grinder?

Time to get smart

The new features include smart motors. These high torque, load sensing motors with integrated position feedback give users total control and flexibility on how they want to sharpen their mowing equipment. The Anglemaster 4500 now benefits from variable grind motor and traverse motor speeds, allowing the machines to be totally adaptable to the type of blades being sharpened. Having flexibility in motor speed enables the user to optimise the speed of grind according to the type of stone chosen.

This, in conjunction with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, delivers consistency – no matter who uses the equipment.

How RFID technology works

RFID is an easy way to assign a unique identity to an object, meaning that each individual user can have their own settings programmed into a card no bigger than a credit card. The settings of each mower can also be uploaded onto the card, making it easy to recall previous settings and keeping consistently sharpened mowers to the same specification. This means that turf/equipment managers can ensure the quality of cut is consistent without having to intervene, so even a newly trained user with little experience of sharpening will be able to achieve the highest quality expected.

This feature is standard in the Anglemaster 4500 and Express Dual 5500. Another feature that generated a lot of excitement at the Golf Industry Show was the laser surveying device on the Express Dual 5500.

Benefits of laser measurement

Laser measuring has been used for many years in the aerospace and automotive industry to measure large parts and assemblies as well as improving industrial robot accuracy and precision.

Why would a laser measuring device be used in a grinder though?

The laser surveying unit is used to highlight deformation and dynamic measurement. This is important because some modern-day cutting units rely on the cylinder to bedknife being parallel within very tight tolerances to ensure optimum performance.

During continuous mowing or backlapping, the cylinder can be subject to ‘coning’. This can only be corrected through precise grinding. The Bernhard laser surveying device will measure the cylinder to highlight any coning, hence allowing the grinder to remove the taper out of the cylinder with an optimised grind cycle.

In the scanning process, the laser will also measure the outer diameter of the reel. This gives the operator reassurance that the cylinders are within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

The combination of this unique technology makes the Bernhard sharpening systems the most innovative systems yet.

Posted on: Jun 28, 2019