Superintendents, Greenkeepers, Managers, Golfers

Every one wants to achieve the same end.

Membership numbers, and rounds of golf drive the revenue stream that sustains the industry.

A successful golf course delivers on a number of priorities: Consistency of play, a true and accurate roll, fastest speed, exciting course design, attractive sustainable environment, in a natural setting, but above all, playability.

What is playability?
Playability can be measured in terms of speed, trueness and bounce, and players look for consistency from green to green.

How it this achieved?
Mowers that have just been sharpened produce the fastest speed, the most accurate roll, and the smoothest surfaces.


We know what the workshops want from their machinery. Easy to use, quick and accurate performance, with excellent results.

Better turf for less money.
Bernhard grinding systems take the pressure off your workshop technicians, helping them to do their job better.