Hints and Tips: Anglemaster

Coolant additive

Never put too much coolant additive in the coolant reservoir. One capful is plenty for a full tank.

Change the coolant tank contents if the coolant appears “sticky”.

Before grinding

When mounting blades using the universal adjustable brackets, be sure not to over tighten the central jacking screw. This should do little more than touch the back of the bedknife assembly. It should apply just enough pressure to stop the assembly pivoting in the brackets when the Anglemaster mounting bar is rotated.

When mounting blades using bolts through the quadrant brackets- place a small washer over the bolts, between bedbar and quadrant bracket to minimise the contact area.

Securing Toro 10-Series Bedknives (Video)

Securing Toro 10-Series Bedknives

After grinding

Having finished grinding a bedknife (top face then front face) gently remove any burr from the leading edge with an allen key or similar (NOT a file).


Remember to clean the Rails on the Anglemaster at the end of each days grinding.

For good results dress the stone regularly on the Anglemaster.

If machines are not being used for several days, lightly oil the rails on the Anglemaster, but remember to wipe off before use.

Visually inspect any new stone for cracks and/or damage before fitting. DO NOT use a damaged stone.

Ensure that there is no dirt or debris between the sleeve and nut flanges and the sides of the grindstone.

Recommended Service Schedules


Before Grinding

Clean any oil off the guide rails
If necessary lightly dress the grind stone

After Grinding

Clean the guide rails (remove coolant & grinding dust) with Bernhard clean and lube spray, WD40 or equivalent
Leave a film of lubricant (Bernhard protective oil or similar) on guide rails
Clean debris from removable dust trays and drawers as necessary



Clean and lightly lubricate exposed sliding and rotating surfaces of slides, adjustment screws and mounting bar assemblies
Clean traverse chain (brush off any grinding debris)
Check  coolant tank for debris in settlement tray and fluid level.



Check for any build up of debris on running surfaces of guide rails and carriage bearings
Sparingly lubricate traverse chain with a light oil.


6 monthly:

Remove motor cover, clean grind head feed slides and screws and lubricate with a light oil (do not over lubricate since, although covered, some dust will get into these areas and will stick to excessive and heavier oils)
Remove covers and clean mounting bar slide blocks and alignment screws and lubricate screws with a light oil
Check tension of single-run traverse chain
Clean out coolant tank and refill with coolant (plus additive at the correct ratio)