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Celebrating the return of BTME 2022

Celebrating the return of BTME 2022 2560 1707 Samena Parbin

Celebrating the return of BTME 2022

In March, we celebrated the long-awaited return of the BTME show, and this year we made our way to Harrogate with an all-new exhibition stand as well as a selection of our very best machinery.

At the centre of our stand sat our most advanced and premium machine, the Express Dual 5500. In addition, visitors were able to get a good look at both the Anglemaster 4500, Anglemaster 4100, and Express Dual 4100 machines. The stand also came equipped with a dedicated area for visitors to chat to our team about recruitment opportunities, while the new CBN wheel was a particular promotional point throughout the week.

The opening evening of BTME 2022 saw the running of the BIGGA industry awards ceremony. We had the absolute honour of sponsoring the Outstanding Contribution of the Year Award, which was won by Dennis Mortram. Dennis was recognised for his tireless work to help establish training and educational opportunities for those working in the golf course maintenance profession.

On Wednesday it was our turn to host, with the 2022 BIGGA Delegation Reception getting underway in the Harrogate Convention Centre Auditorium. The reception evening is designed to allow all past delegates the opportunity to attend, network, and re-live memories from their own delegation experience. Guests are also invited from BIGGA and the GCSAA, in addition to numerous industry friends and professionals.

This year marked a special occasion for the Bernhard and Company BIGGA delegation, with the 200th delegate taking part in the educational experience to the USA in February. With the change in date of BTME from its usual slot, this year our delegates had already taken part in the experience by the time BTME came around. This allowed us to arrange a live Q&A with the 200 Club delegates, which was very well received by the audience.

Speaking on the success of the show, Bernhard and Company Managing Director, Steven Nixon, said: “Attending BTME is just another great tool for us to keep our products, name, and brand in front of people. It really helps us build on the work we are doing all year round, so it is very important for us.”

A Successful BTME 2020

A Successful BTME 2020 1600 1200 Angelique Crosnier

BTME 2020 – A success for Bernhard and Company

The Bernhard and Company stand itself was different this year featuring the best machines Bernhard has to offer with a striking and prominent stand design. At the centre of the stand was the Express Dual 5500 giving attendees the ultimate view of the star of the show. The Bernhard Academy was also being promoted to push education and learning advancements to attendees looking to upgrade their knowledge.

The Bernhard and Company stand itself was different this year featuring the best machines Bernhard has to offer with a striking and prominent stand design. At the centre of the stand was the Express Dual 5500 giving attendees the ultimate view of the star of the show. The Bernhard Academy was also being promoted to push education and learning advancements to attendees looking to upgrade their knowledge.

On Wednesday 22nd January 2020, Bernhard and Company held the 2020 BIGGA Delegation Reception in the Auditorium at the Harrogate Convention Centre, where past delegates were invited to attend, network and revive memories from their own delegation experience. Most importantly it was a chance to announce the ten new lucky delegates which will be going to Orlando on the 26th January 2020. Not only were past delegates invited there were guests from BIGGA, GCSAA (based in the US) and many other professionals within the industry.

What a great night it was indeed, hosted by Jim Croxton – Chief Executive Officer of BIGGA, speeches were given by the founder of Bernhard and Company Stephen Bernhard, from Eileen Bangalan – Senior Director of GCSAA and Steven Nixon – Director of Bernhard and Company.

Overall, the success of the show was incredible, with excellent feedback from attendees and customers about the direction we are heading with our new products. Director, Steven Nixon explains, “We’ve got a lot to talk about this year with an excellent fleet of machines being showcased at BTME. We will carry on pushing the boundaries with our machines with more intuitive products to launch in the future – just watch this space.”

New Training Academy

New Training Academy 2560 1920 Angelique Crosnier

New training academy launched by Bernhard and Company

Pioneering industry-leading training programmes

11th June 2019 sees the launch of the Bernhard Academy at the company’s factory facilities in Haverhill, Suffolk. The Bernhard Academy is set to become a hub of knowledge for the turf industry and a centre promoting learning and development across the globe. In addition to promoting education to UK turf specialists, the Academy will develop a training programme for Bernhard’s distributors from across the US, Asia and Europe to help enhance their knowledge of turf health solutions.

Working in partnership with Mow-Sure Training Ltd, the Academy aims to train customers, technicians and distributors’ sales team to promote turf health, cutting precision and superior playability and eventually to get the most out of Bernhard’s product portfolio.

The accredited training will be delivered in several formats at the purpose-built facility at Haverhill, hands-on training, theory or via online learning. A wide range of modular and short courses is planned, with the two signature courses being a Turf Technician Course and a Turf Manager’s Course.

Russia World Cup 2018

Russia World Cup 2018 2560 1920 Samena Parbin

Nizhny Novgorad Arena – стадион Нижний Новгород – 2018 World Cup Russia

Nizhny Novgorod has been chosen as one of the World Cup’s venues for being considered one of Russia’s most traditional and beautiful cities. The brand-new stadium was built in a specific area where the famous Volga and Oka rivers join.

Inspired by elements from the Volga countryside, the stadium uses the colours white, dark blue and light blue on both exterior and interior architecture. During the World Cup, 45,000 football fans will be able to watch six games at Nizhny Novgorad Stadium, Sweden vs South Korea, Argentina vs Croatia, England vs Panama and Switzerland vs Costa Rica.

Like a few other World Cup arenas, the finishing touches are being applied to Nizhny Novgorod Stadium ahead of the World Cup. In a recent visit, the Bernhard team had the opportunity to check out the most important part of the stadium and to have a conversation with the general construction manager and director of pitch maintenance Roman Zhukov. According to him, Bernhard grinders and Sub-Air have been essential in helping him maintain his pitch healthy and in perfect conditions to be in the eyes of the world on this coming month.

Supporting worldwide tournaments has always been a compromise of Bernhard and Company. We are proud to be part of the Russia World Cup 2018!

Turf Breeze fans at Wembley Stadium

Turf Breeze fans at Wembley Stadium 1280 720 james.bernhard

TurfBreeze Fans Create an Air of Confidence at Wembley Stadium

The installation of eight TurfBreeze fans at Wembley has allowed FA Head of Grounds and Estates, Alan Ferguson, to seize control of the stadium’s micro-climate and reduce the risk of turf disease by almost 58%.

Supplied by Bernhard and Company, the fans form part of a one-million-pound investment program to upgrade pitch support equipment, which also includes the addition of SGL grow lights, and replacing the existing aeration equipment with a SubAir System, another Bernhard and Company product.

The iconic sporting venue is host to major prestigious international football matches, cup finals, Tottenham Hotspurs’ Champions League matches, rugby and NFL games, not forgetting the concerts. A packed and varied fixture list, coupled with a closed stadium environment, create tricky conditions for cultivating healthy turf.

Although an attractive architectural feature, the depth of the stadium bowl allows very little air flow at pitch level. This impacts transpiration. The plant can’t breathe effectively. Reduced air flow also increases the risk of heat stress and prevents the effective evaporation of morning dew. These damp, oxygen deprived conditions create a breeding ground for fungicidal and bacterial infection.

“Wembley has one of the deepest bowls in European and world football. This in turn has created a harsh and difficult micro climate to manage,” Alan begins.

“The air flow at pitch level is poor, before we started using the fans it would be difficult to keep moisture off the sward in the morning, preventing us from cutting. But now once we’ve cut on a match day we can irrigate to aid ball movement during the game.

“The reduction in dew means the leaf is drier, making it healthier having removed the moisture that acts as a vehicle for the spores. That has lowered the risk of disease by as much as 58%. We’ve seen a reduction in disease occurrence already, which is a real boost for us as we look to produce a stronger plant in a healthier sward.

“The even temperature in warm months also allows us to manage and reduce the heat stress on the leaf, which is invaluable as the temperature can reach 40 degrees centigrade at pitch level during the summer.

“The fans made an enormous difference in the time between the concert and the match because we were able to have a consistent surface temperature on the pitch for the first time. For me it’s occasions like that when we’re up against a tight deadline that the fans really show their worth, and give us confidence.

“By being able to manage the sward temperature below the ground with SubAir and above with TurfBreeze fans means we can finally manage an optimum temperature at the leaf, giving it every chance to recover quickly, ready for the next event.”

Alan considers innovation to be one of the most important aspects of his job. Like most groundsmen in multi event stadia the pressure he faces means he has to use the latest techniques available to meet demand.

By his own admission the Wembley turf is now grown almost completely artificially all year round, with the use of grow lights, TurfBreeze Fans and SubAir. Having to take this approach means the equipment has to be of the highest quality, because you only get one chance to grow a pitch in.

“New stadiums rarely offer good growing conditions,” Alan explains. “Priority is given to the spectator experience.

“The pressure is on groundsmen to replace the natural elements required by the grass plant and produce quality pitches. Many do this by using grow lights, but now with the fans and SubAir there is also an opportunity to replace the air flow, as well as ensuring the sward is well oxygenated.

“Every game we host is a high-profile event. With today’s HD television technology and cameras covering every angle there is no hiding place. Meeting these turn-around times is vital, as is providing the best surface possible in order to meet client expectations.

“As a team we don’t want people to look at the pitch and say ‘that looks good considering how much they’ve had on it,’ we want them to view it as one of the best surfaces in world sport. TurfBreeze fans are already playing a part in making that happen.”

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