Bernhard Company statement

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 5:10 PM

Like every other business worldwide, Bernhard is confronting the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) with the same determination and we share your concerns.

As well as focusing on its own business and employees, we are determined to work closely with our industry partners in an effort to help all those affected by this unprecedented crisis.  We’re also very grateful to those fighting for our personal survival and want to register our sincere appreciation.

In line with the Government instructions, Bernhard and Company decided to suspend operations on March 24th.  This may have significant implications for our customers, users, partners and friends.  We deeply regret the impact this may have on your business, but we know you will understand that we are acting wisely for the safety and wellbeing of everyone concerned.

Steven Nixon, Director of Bernhard Company, explained: “ At this present time nobody knows how long this crisis will last, but clearly it has become much more difficult to continue to trade in the usual way until this pandemic is over. However, we will keep customers and partners up to date with developments and will review the situation weekly, always observing the latest UK government advice.

Looking to the future, the business will return to normal. The needs of the world will not change in the long term. Bernhard’s approach to helping you to deliver excellent playing conditions will be as relevant then as it was yesterday. Please be confident that at Bernhard Company we will continue to be as passionate as ever in the pursuit of excellence in turf maintenance.

For now, please stay safe and healthy. Keep in contact with us.  Ask questions. Share your news across our social network and rest assured, when you contact us, we will respond with the care you expect of Bernhard Company.