Bernhard Company sponsors local initivative

Posted on December 03, 2020 at 11:59 AM


Bernhard and Company are a proud sponsor of the local initiative: The Barney and Echo series. They have chosen to purchase the Barney and Echo citizenship books for St Oswalds C of E Academy in Rugby, located half a mile from Bernhard’s head office.

The concept came from The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, an organisation run by serving and retired police officers. They realised there were few resources that focused solely on developing life skills and citizenship values, with the aims of reducing crime and disorder.

Engaging with children at an early age can be crucial in helping them develop their understanding and behaviours, which in turn can lead to them becoming positive members of their communities and better equipped to deal with some of the difficulties they face as they grow up and later on in life.

There are several important social issues that children may face in today’s culture that concern parents, teachers and society as a whole. For example:

  • Keeping children safe whilst on-line
  • Tackling the current pandemic
  • Reducing the effects of anti-social behaviour
  • Protecting children from the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol
  • Preparing children to deal with peer pressure involving gang culture and knife crime
  • Encouraging children to develop good practices which help support sustainability and the environment

The Barney and Echo series has been designed and developed to support parents, guardians, and teachers in addressing these issues, with each book having a story relating to a PSHE subject area that is designed to create discussion and improve awareness. The programme of lessons is delivered in the classroom with activities and tasks to encourage parents to support the children at home.

If you require further information about the books or The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain then please visit –