Bernhard now offer in Europe a dedicated Lift for turf maintenance workshops. Our proven two-column design makes the Bernhard Lift one of the safest and sturdiest lifts on the market. With adjustable width front wheel forks you can lift a wide range of mowers and vehicles.

Easy operation is controlled by a single point button to raise and lower the lift. The electro-hydraulic drive guarantees low noise, long life, low absorption of power, high reliability and easy maintenance.

  • Independent mechanical safety locks in each column
  • Hydraulic relief valve protects lift from being overloaded
  • Super-glide guide system – self lubricating, smooth lifting action for low maintenance
  • No overhead beam obstruction – no need to remove canopies from vehicles

(This product is currently only available in Europe)


  • Capacity: 2500 Kg; 5511.5 lbs
  • Lifting height (maximum): 1700 mm; 67"
  • Lifting time: Up 50 secs; Down 48 secs
  • Motor: 2.2 kW; 2.95 HP
  • Power: 240 V
  • Wheelbase range: 1070 mm to 2000 mm; 42.1" to 78.7"
  • Wheel track range (overall): 1250 mm to 2500 mm; 49.21" to 98.4"
  • Overall height: 2770 mm; 109.1"
  • Overall width: 3600 mm; 141.7"